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Monkeypox outbreak amidst COVID-19 reemergence in the European Region: Challenges, efforts, and recommendations


  • Amna Binte Zaheer
  • Tehreem Ali
  • Areeba Ashfaq
  • Adina Jabeen

Article Type:

Short Communication


Monkeypox (MPX), caused by the Monkeypox virus (MPXV), is an endemic disease in African countries and is currently causing outbreaks in several European regions, amidst a recent surge in new COVID-19 cases. This can significantly impact already exhausted healthcare services, adding on to the economic and social burdens in the region. A lack of sufficient laboratory diagnostics, antivirals, vaccines may hinder effective clinical management of affected patients. Therefore, it is essential to increase awareness about MPX and its transmission among the general population, to ensure necessary precautions are taken and new cases are reported swiftly. This article discusses the impact of MPXV on the current reemergence of COVID-19 in Europe, lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations to address potential challenges.

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