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Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment occurs once throughout the tenure, and all social media posts are updated as soon as the recruitment process commences. An application form is made available on the website and shared across social media accounts. Interested candidates are required to complete the application form, and the selection process involves shortlisting based on their applications. Subsequently, each department conducts interviews for the shortlisted candidates, leading to the final recruitment decisions.

SoMR membership is restricted to students from Dow Medical College only.

An application form goes live on the SoMR website, and all interested candidates are required to fill it out. If the applicant fulfills the eligibility criteria to be a mentor, they are accepted as mentors for the ongoing mentorship cycle.

To apply as a mentor at SoMR, you must have a minimum of 2 publications.

Mentors play a crucial role in determining project topics, delegating tasks to mentees, resolving queries, and outlining the journal selection and article submission process. They also work to promote a positive team dynamic. Further guidance about the specific responsibilities of the mentor is provided in a training workshop conducted by the HR department at the beginning of the mentorship cycle.

To be part of our research projects, applicants are required to have completed SoMR’s Level 1 course.

If you want to get involved in ongoing research projects, the first step is to complete the Level 1 course available on the SoMR website. After grasping the fundamentals of research, you’ll be eligible to join our Mentorship Program, where mentors will guide you in applying your newfound knowledge to publish a research project.

For those looking to start their research journey, we recommend starting with SoMR’s Level 1 course. This course covers the basics of research, including different research types, research ethics and methodologies, literature search, referencing, abstract writing, LTEs, and case reports.

SoMR regularly uploads the Level 1 and Level 2 courses, and you can be updated about them through our social media accounts.

Yes. It is suggested that the Level 1 course be completed before Level 2. This is because Level 1 introduces basic ideas of research and frequently used associated terminologies. Level 2 then builds upon this foundation, introducing the higher tiers of research. Therefore, it only makes sense to complete Level 1 before progressing to Level 2.