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It was an enlightening and comprehensive workshop. The instructors simplified the complex topics and not only taught us theoretically but mentored us throughout the research journey. It was definitely a worthwhile experience for me working with them and networking with peers.
Ahya Aziz
4th year student at Dow Medical College
Being part of the SoMR Mentorship Program really enhanced my research skills. It has made me more confident as a researcher and has broadened my thought process. To be honest, it's one of the best initiatives in Dow for the students.
M Ahsan Khan
House officer
SoMR has taken a great initiative by its mentorship program. It provided me with the opportunity to nurture my research skills at a professional level. This as a whole not only motivated me to be a part of more research projects but also made sure I understood almost all the basic aspects of research and paper writing for my brighter future in the field of medicine.
Tehreem Ali
2nd year student at Dow Medical College
It was an amazing experience to work with SoMR on my very first publication. Our mentor, Eisha Waqar, provided us with a wonderful environment, where we not only learned the basics but also learned to work independently afterwards. Lastly, I would like to thank and congratulate SoMR for its impact on the students of Dow Medical College.
Fakhar Latif
1st year student at Dow Medical College

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